16 January 2006

sweetgum balls

We traveled from Warner Robins to Lake Sinclair yesterday after church in order to have a bit of time away, to enjoy the quiet of being near water, and to allow the kids and us some time to piddle around in the leaves and grass, the sweetgum balls and the sticks.  We also came to do a little bit of work.

My wife and I have been working on some improvements to this home, along with her parents, for the last six months.  The house is owned by her parents; they built it bit by bit, doing most of the work themselves.  From what they have told us there were times when they camped here as they were building.  My wife’s brother can attest to this piece.

But it has been many years since then.  And sometimes after we have made an initial effort and enjoyed it for a while, seen children learn to drive boats and to ski, after all of that, sometimes we can feel like we are done.  I can only speculate that this is how her parent’s feel.  They do talk about how sometimes it feels that all they can do is the basic upkeep.

So my wife and I have been making some improvements.  Installing new fans on the porch, a new garbage disposal, along with her parents we have painted rooms, hung new pictures.  And while looking in an old barn at my parent’s home I found an old bric-a-brac shelf.  I don’t really know what else to call it.  At one time it hung above my parent’s mantel.  It was build by a family friend, Hal Hall.  What a great name!  Hal Hall.  It is made of wood, with hearts carved in the top.  I guess it is a place where you would put things that you love.

This weekend, we hung it on the wall.  In it we put some sweetgum balls that my son and daughter picked up off of the ground, some pieces of quartz, a stick with dried pinecones attached to it.  We hope that they too will love God’s creation and time with family and friends.

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